Friday, September 4, 2015

Fall decorating!

The air is turning a bit more crisp and the leaves are beginning to change!  YAY FALL!
Time to pull out the sweaters and warms, cozy blankets and autumnize your surroundings.
I am such a huge "sensory" person so when the seasons change, the smells, sounds and sights change around my house as well.  

Start with a fall candle, wax melt or plug in. Scent has such an impact on your mood.  I never thought my husband noticed some of these things but after being gone for a bit, he came home to all of the fall scents at home and instantly said, "I can't wait for the fall parties!".  Love it!
One of my favorites is the pumpkin scents from Bath and Body Works. (Not promoting for them. Just my own opinion.)

If you have a large or even small surface in your entry, it's the perfect place to decorate for fall.  Grab anything orange, brown, green, deep yellow or red.  Once the leaves fall, grab some of those too! Use things that are difference shapes and sizes.  Play with it a bit and group things in odd numbers. You'll be surprised how things pull together.  Of course, you can always contact me for some fall decor items! :) But be creative!  Bring in things from outside, old windows, tins, etc.
vinyl decals, entry decor, fall
Mums and cabbage!
It doesn't take much to bring a little Fall home.  A few carefully placed mums and cabbages make a huge impact and are beautiful. Don't throw out all of your summer flowers.  As long as a freeze doesn't sneak up on you, just edit the sad looking plants and replace them with the mums and cabbages.  This will keep the budget low and you will have a full planter for several more weeks!
Once the summer plantings start to die back, just replace them with pumpkins and gourds!

Here are some pictures of my porches.  Not overkill {for now}. Just a touch of fall for Sept.  I change everything out for Halloween and again for Thanksgiving so I ease into it. :)
plants, entry

plants, fall, entry, porch
A great transition tip!
Fall foliage can be used thru Thanksgiving. If you are careful, you can add faux fall foliage to your live plants and add to it through the fall holidays.  Just do not over do it and use plants that look semi real.  Nothing is tackier than those ugly plastic plants!  Just blend them into the real foliage and viola! Instant beauty! 

Not just the foliage but decorative items can be used all season long. You can change out things here and there for Halloween and Thanksgiving without having to change everything! Keep the base of your decorative items neutral. For instance, table runners, garland, etc. 

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  3. Your home is so beautiful, Deb – especially with all the fall decorating circulon infinite hard anodized nonstick autumn touches you’ve added. I especially love the wall with mugs and plates – what a gorgeous display!