Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Decorating Ideas Marathon part 2!

Now for part 2 of the Christmas Decor Marathon~  Turquoise, (or teal or aqua, which ever color you prefer) and white!  Use what you have.  Take a look around your house.  Pull out any dishes, fabrics and decor items you might have.  Use them to display ornaments or display them as holiday decorations themselves!

I love the idea of using a white or flocked tree with your Turquoise ornaments!  It is so stunning.  Just a few blue ribbons, glass balls and take a look at the glitter dipped pine cones!  LOVE!

Simply add a turquoise tree skirt to a flocked tree!

Now for the decor~
Add ribbon to your display to add a pop of color!

Use little white jewelry boxes wrapped in blue ribbon and create a darling wreath!

This mantel is so simple.  They have displayed vintage canning jars, an old planting pot that has been painted white and hung a wreath on a vintage window.  Sometimes less is definitely more!

Below are some darling stockings with a touch of turquoise.  I recommend using this idea with white stockings instead of the green, (or turquoise stockings with white trim.)  Just add a little bit of blue and maybe even silver riff raff ribbon to your stockings and you are set!  I love the stockings on the piano.  So cute!

Here are 2 more simple mantel ideas.  Use glass vases and fill them with silver, white and turquoise glass balls!  Notice the second photo where they have wrapped boxed in white paper and displayed them as part of the decor.  I also love the greenery on the second picture.  It adds nice contrast to the display.