Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dorm Room Decorating!

In honor of all of the upcoming graduating seniors I thought it would be fun to post some easy, inexpensive dorm decorating ideas!  I had the opportunity to share some of these ideas with my Young Women at our youth activity last night and I thought it would fun to share them with you today~

Whether you are moving into an apartment, dorm or studio, the hard truth is that most students have a shoe string budget and decorating is at the bottom of the budget.  Think outside of the box.  Use what you have and save of storage-  Yard sales and thrift stores can be a great resource for fun purchases.  3M removable hooks will be a must have as most student housing does not allow holes to be put in the walls.
Use your a cute pair of heels for bookends!  How about creating an artwork wall with your hats, purses or scarves!  Take a peek at some of these photos.  They are all inexpensive and very easy~

Image small dorm room decorating 
Use different sized embroidery loops and mix and match fabric to add color
to your room! Hang it with twine or 3M removable hooks!

An easy way to add color to your walls is to hang fabric.  No need to
invest in expensive fabrics, simply find a sheet, inexpensive drapery panel
and hang it with twine or a rod using 3M removable hooks!
This works great for a headboard as well!  Define the head or your bed
with a section of fabric~

Of course vinyl decals are an inexpensive way to add personality to your
boring walls!  Use quotes, monograms or decorative designs to add your own
flare!  They are easy to install and easily removed~

I LOVE this idea!  So easy to do!  Use paper doilies, (You can find these
at your local dollar store!) and hand them with tape, ticky tack or twine.
SOOOOO cute!

This is a really easy way to add color to your walls.  I believe these are paint sample
sheets that you can get at Benjamin Moore.  This is an easy way to create a color
blocking design without painting.  I would recommend decoupaging the paper to
protect it.
Another variation of color blocking with scrapbook paper!  You can purchase
an entire coordinationg stack pack of scrapbook paper at Joannes for only $10
when you use one of their coupons or wait for them to go on sale..(which is frequent)
Lovely Undergrad

This is a crazy but super fun idea!  I just had to post it. :)
The uncommon perspective
I loved this room.  It is a bit more over the top but I wanted to share it because it
is a great example of what is possible in such a small space.  Frequent yard sales, thrift stores
and fleas markets and you are bound to fin treasures for next to nothing!

This is too cute!  What and easy way to create dramatic art and useful storage
all at the same time!

Large posters, cork boards and frames are a great way to dress any drab space
and add some of your personality!


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