When I bought my first home and wanted help with furniture arrangement and decor, my mom referred me to Kelli. She had great ideas and I liked working with her, so when sudden life events necessitated putting my home on the market to move out of state, I knew that Kelli was the person to call for help. She was great to work with! She outlined a plan for every space in my house, including the exterior, and left me with a room-by-room guide of what needed to be done and the best way to do it, right down to best brands for paint primer and sending me pictures of ideal light fixtures. I felt that she listened to all my ideas and input, and still offered her professional advice as we worked through all the decisions. I preferred to let her opinions dictate most of the choices that needed to be made, as I felt that was the main reason I sought her help in the first place. I'm glad I did, as she did an amazing job! 

     She chose a perfect color to update my main floor and entry walls. She spent a day shopping with me to pick out items needed to stage my home--from pillows, to art work, to light fixtures, and small furniture. She spent an additional day shopping when I couldn't meet up to get all remaining items and then returned all the things we didn't need. She was aware of my budget and kept things at an ideal, low cost. She was available to call and text pictures to when I needed input at any point in the process, which was very important to me. She had a vision of creating a home that any buyer would feel at home in and paid attention to every small detail to achieve that. We ended up with 9 offers on our home in 5 days! Many wrote letters to us as part of their offer and stated that they had never "felt so at home" in any house they'd looked to buy. That was all Kelli's doing! Working with Kelli was positive in every way and I feel like it was the best decision I made to help my home sell quickly for a great price. Thank you Kelli!



        Kelli has done many decorating jobs in our home.  She picked the paint colors and did the interior design for many rooms in our first home. When we decided to sell our first home, it sold in only 3 days!  Our Realtor commented on how the gorgeous the interior design of our rooms helped our home sell really fast! She has helped me with interior design in our new home.  Everyone comments on how lovely our living and dining room turned out after Kelli picked our furniture, accessories, and the interior paint.  Kelli also chose the color of our outside deck and the color for repainting the outside of our house. All our friends have commented that they LOVE the color of our house and that it looks totally updated and new.  

Overall, Kelli has an incredible sense of design and color.  She knows how to make a room beautiful.  She also made sure I felt comfortable and happy every step of the way.  She always made sure that I LOVED whatever she did in our home.  I can't recommend her enough!   Not only is she unbelievably talented in interior design, she is a wonderful person who is great to work with.  I can't wait for Kelli to help me with our next home project.



·         I have recently opened a business and had Design by Kelli help with some signage.  After a couple calls she had a design worked up and out to me.  I don't know how she does it, but she knew exactly what I needed and the signs were Awesome and very reasonable!  I have since been back a few more times.  Kelli is great to work with and prompt.  You don't know what you're missing if you don't give this gal a call for your vinyl needs!

Connie/Prairie Pickins


·         Kelli designed two of my children’s weddings—one indoor and one outdoor.  She has an ability to create beauty, balance, and elegance.  She kept me organized and on track with the details at hand.  Her industry knowledge and eagle eye for bargains keeps costs down without compromising quality.  She added special touches I never would have thought of.  Both weddings exceeded my expectations.   The first was in an old gym with missing ceiling tiles.  It looked gorgeous by the time she was done with it.  The outdoor wedding was truly spectacular and lovely and will be a day my daughter always remembers.  I am so glad I had her with me every step of the way with these very important life events and would recommend her to anyone planning an important event.



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