E-design is an online interior design service that anyone can use regardless of your location or budget. This exciting design option is the perfect do-it-yourself decorating solution. It allows you to utilize design services without having to pay for the full design process. If you are comfortable with doing some online and local shopping and working at your own pace then this is the perfect option for you!

How does it work?

Once you CONTACT me I will send you a short questionnaire about the space you want to decorate, your budget and room sizes.  I will also ask you to provide me with a few photos from the web, (think Pinterest, Houzz etc) that evokes the feel you are going for and photos of your current space.

Next I will put together a comprehensive design for you! 
The e-design will be laid out on a comprehensive digital design board. You will receive 2 designs. Each will be similar but with a few different options.

Your Digital  Design Plan will include:

•DESIGN BOARD that will include images of the furnishings, accessories, fabrics etc.

•PRODUCT PURCHASE LIST that will include all local and online resources where the items can be purchased.

•FLOOR PLAN that will help you visualize furniture placement

•INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDE that will detail the special instuctions that will help simplify you implementing your new design

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