Friday, May 4, 2012

Picture frame arrangement ideas!

We have all seen the beautiful wall of framed photos.  It may not be as easy as it looks to create the perfect layout....that is until now!  As I was cruising Pinterest...(do that a bit too frequently nowadays!) and found this wonderful layout article!  Unfortunately there was no credit link.  I will continue to look for the original post but for now I had to share! 

Once you have chosen your layout, use craft paper or brown paper rolls from your local home improvement store and cut out the correct sized squares and adhere them to your wall.  Once you are happy with the layout find the center and simply hammer your nails into the wall thru the paper itself.  :)

EASY PEASY!!!!!!  Please feel free to share any other tips you have for hanging your artwork!  I would love to hear them~


  1. What ideas do you have for round mirrors. 1 18" round, then 3 sizes, 3", 6" and 9", about 6 of each of those. I want a flowing collage for the half-bathroom. It's micro narrow and I think this will give visual interest as well as help open the space up a little.

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