Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Updated Christmas Glass Block vinyl decals and Personalized Ornament colors!

Hi everyone.  I decided to put together a few photos of what the glass block designs will look like on the block.  These blocks are a bit different and aren't decorated like the ones will be at the class but it gives you a better idea.  (See the previous post for details about the class.) Oh, and I added some images along with the monograms! 

I also added photos of the glitter options but no need to let me know ahead of time unless you are ordering finished ornaments. :)  If you want to order you can email me, go to my  BUY tab or go to my Etsy store.  (They are $8.00 on Etsy, $7.00 if you just want to email me or use the form under BUY)  Just include the glitter color, monogram or design you want and the color of the vinyl for the design.  The wording will be in white or black depending on the color of the glitter.

Yeah!  Can't wait!


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