Friday, November 18, 2011

Coastal Christmas~ Day 6 of Christmas Decorating Marathon~Coastal Decor!

Todays Christmas Decorating Ideas post is a "Coastal Christmas!"
When choosing items to decorate with, stick with the basics.  Shells, pearls, sea glass, ropes, lights houses, sand and natural elements are perfect to create your Coastal Christmas!

Take a look at this unique garland around the front door!  It is filled with rope, natural fibered netting and sea shells! 

These wreaths look great!  Just a few shells and you are good to go!

Love this one!  It has a lot more greenery than the others and it is a bit more simple.  Shells, greenery and few sprigs of blue from the floral department set the tone for a Coastal Christmas. 
Very classy!

This Christmas tree is very monochromatic.  Whites, grays and silvers create a subtle festive feeling.  Notice the shells stacked at the bottom of the tree as a filler!

This is a great way to add some color to your coastal decor.  Aqua blue, gold and white is a gorgeous combination!  The starfish add just enough to create the "Coastal" effect.

If you are looking for DIY ornaments, simply purchase shells from your local craft store and adorn them with fine glitter. 

This one is a bit more on the fun side!  Lighthouses, sailboats and lanterns are a great way to add a coastal or nautical theme to your Christmas decor! Use bright reds, whites and blue not only on your tree but add pillows and throws to help create more color to your room.

Once again you see the aqua blue infused into the decor.  The garland is 2 simple ropes with some greenery pinned the corners. 

Shells, shells everywhere!  In vases, on the mantle and even attached to your stockings! Fill the bottom part of your vases with sand and layer with shells and sea glass!

This is such a great idea!  Visit your local craft store and pick up some paper mache letters and shells.  Paint your letters with a soft white paint and simply glue your shells to the letters!  SO EASY and looks so good!

This is unique idea!  Add miniature "coastal" items to your mantle!

These are adorable!  The shell lights are from  They have several great decor items to help you add pizazz to your holiday decorating!

This is stunning!  Such a simple way to add coastal beauty to your decor.  You could keep this one all year long!  Just remove the greenery and soft white lights.

I love these gray, red and white coastal themed items! 
The coral designs are vibrant yet classy.


  1. The garland at the top of page is it for sale? If so haow much and how long is it? Thanks Linda Albright

    1. I'm sorry Linda, it's not. This is just and example of a design. However, you can recreate this fairly easily. Purchase a long garland. Buy a bag or two of shells and burlap ribbon. You can find all of these at most Hobby Lobby's, Michael's or JoAnn's. I have actually drilled through shells before to make ornaments. Its not to hard but a little time consuming. If you want to go that route, use a small drill bit and string it to create a garland. Finally add some white rope that you can get from your local hardware store. Its basically layering each item on top of each other. Garland, lights, ribbon, shells and rope. If you don't want to string the shells you can always hot glue them. (Although the string would be a bit more stable I would think. Good Luck! If you decide to DIY, I would love to see it when you are done!

  2. I'm in love with the oyster fireplace. Getting ready to redo mine and think I'm sold on this look! !! Any suggestions on how 2 even get started lol

    1. Hi Tiffany,

      Do you have brick on your fireplace or something else? I would suggest giving it a good cleaning with a solvent called TSP. You can find it at most home improvement stores. TSP will remove any unseen greasy residue that can build up over time. It is important not to skip this so that your adhesive with stick properly.

      Spread ALL of your shells out and intermix sizes and color. This will insure a uniform palette of color and sizes. It will also help you make sure you have the right amount of shells to cover your area. If you aren't sure how many shells you need, I recommend buying one package, laying them out and measuring the area that one package will cover. This will help you a more accurate calculation of the amount you will need to cover the entire fireplace. (Buy a few extra. You may be able to return them if they aren't open.) Again, make sure you have all of them before you start your project.

      Work in small areas. Spread your mortar on and stick the shells to the mortar, pressing it in just a bit. It will be somewhat time consuming but it will be so COOL when it's done!

      PLEASE send me a photo of your project when you're done and I will show it off for you!
      You can email me or message me on Facebook if you have anymore questions,


      Good Luck!