Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Decor 2013

Ahhh!   I am almost there!  I have been working the last week to get my Christmas Decor up because beginning next Monday I will be decorating OTHER peoples homes.  :)

We have a tradition in our family after all of the Thanksgiving festivities come to an end, we go outside and do the Chevy Chase Christmas lighting!  No lights on until then, but I work hard to have everything ready for the big lighting event.

Here are a few photos of what I have done so far.  

This year I did my tree in Turquoise, blue, gold, champagne, black and bits of red!

Christmas decor, decorating, red, blue, turquoise, black

Christmas decor, decorating, red, blue, turquoise, black

This was something I just did today!  I love chalkboard art on walls but my walls are pretty textured so I compromised.  I designed this vinyl to look like chalkboard art and then drew over the outside of the letters so that it gives the appearance of chalk! I love it!

vinyl decal, Christmas,

This was a new one this year too!  I made the "JOY" sign.  I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up the wooden letters for only $3.50 each.  I came home and drilled holes through the letters where I wanted the lights to go.  (I started with a small bit and worked up to a size that the lights would fit snuggly into. Thi.s was I didn't make them too big to begin with) Most of the lights fit tight enough that I didn't have to glue them but there were a few that I dabbed some hot glue onto.  
Next, I glittered the letters by painting on Modge Podge and sprinkling glitter over the entire surface.  Once it dried I pushed my lights through the holes and VIOLA!!!  I wired them to my garland and added some twisted braches with icicle hanging from them.  Woohoo!


Here is my bedroom.  I just added a little bit of garland at the Headboard to bring in some Holiday cheer.  :)

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