Friday, April 5, 2013

DIY Farmhouse bed!

I thought I would share with you one of the projects that I built recently!  This wonderful king size farmhouse bed!  What do you think?  It really wasn't too bad.  I got my plans from Ana White.  She has made it REALLY easy to build her DIY furniture!  She supplies the shopping list, cut list and instructions. I modified the plan when I found another version on her site from someone else who built the same bed.  Here is her link-

I wanted cubbies for storage and also wanted to access the space under the bed between the cubbies. So here is what I did~

I first build 2 sets of cubbies.  Each one is 16" deep x 15" Tall x 80" Long.
I added 1" trim to the front of the cubby to finish the edges which made the depth 17". I attached the bottom trim flush with the inside of the cubby so it raised the height to about 15 1/2".  (Visit the site and this will all make sense!)

Next I built the headboard and the foot board.  I attached the center board of the foot board to the posts with top hinges and a latch at the bottom so that I could open it to access the middle of the bed. 

Finally (After painting everything!) I screwed the headboard and foot board to the cubbies.  I used L brackets in some place to make it even more secure.  I didn't want the bed to move or squeak AT ALL!  :)

Be aware that when you follow Ana's plans she turned her king size bed on its side and so the dimensions are not exactly accurate for a typical king size bed.  READ all of the directions before you begin your project.

The overall cost was about $400 or so.  About 1/4 of what it would have cost me to buy one!  And...I know it is done right and with solid wood. 

Here are the cubbies!  I bought regular old Steralite storage bins from Target and slip covered them with canvas. I wanted BIG bins so this was my best option. 

I simply laid the tote on top of the fabric (one side at a time) and cut each piece about 2 inches bigger than that actual size to allow for the seam.  The exception was at the top.  I wanted the fabric to fold over the top so I added about 5" to the height and used the finished edge of the fabric.

As you can see there is a lip around the top of the bin. Once I sewed the four sides together I pulled the slipcover over the bin (Inside out) and I folded the fabric at the corners and pinned it so that it would fit snug and not fall off of the bin.  I then stitched the mitered corners.  I had to be careful to not sew it too tight because I had to be able to pull it over the bin. Next, I simply adhered Velcro to the bin and the underside of the fabric to attach it. I glued the Velcro to the bin with E6000 glue and held it down with masking tape until it dried. I stitched the Velcro to the fabric.  It's not going anywhere!  I am super happy with the finished project!  I think I will be adding some sort of vintage print to the front of the slip covers at some point but that is another project for another day!

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