Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vintage skull vignette for Halloween!

Well, I didn't get to upload this design when I wanted because my laptop is broken but better late than never...right?  Take a look at this Halloween décor!

I found the spooky chandelier at Ross!  It is meant for votive candles but of course I had to transform it!  I didn't want to mess with candles or even battery operated ones so I added a string of Halloween lights that I picked up at Fred Meyers and zip tied the wire to the chandelier with black zip ties.  I hot-glued the bottom of the light socket to the candle platform so that the bulbs would stand up straight.  Because there were 10 spots for candles and 7 lights, I opted to add the skulls to the top section of the fixture.  I hid the extra 2 light sockets under the skulls! East peasy!  A spooky addition to my vignette.

On the table I placed my ceramic skeleton on a black cake stand,  Next to it is a vintage typewriter and a stack of books with a mini lamp and glass cloche.  Under the cloche I put a printout of a vintage witch that I found online.  I embellished the table with a creepy cloth and crow!  Super easy and fun for Halloween! Check back tomorrow for another Halloween décor idea!

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