Sunday, November 20, 2011

More Christmas Decorating Ideas coming this next week!!

This has been such a fun week posting all these decorating ideas!  I am interested in what your favorite decorating idea is so far!  Also, what would you like me to cover if I haven't hit on it yet?  Leave a comment below...I would love to know!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Coastal Christmas~ Day 6 of Christmas Decorating Marathon~Coastal Decor!

Todays Christmas Decorating Ideas post is a "Coastal Christmas!"
When choosing items to decorate with, stick with the basics.  Shells, pearls, sea glass, ropes, lights houses, sand and natural elements are perfect to create your Coastal Christmas!

Take a look at this unique garland around the front door!  It is filled with rope, natural fibered netting and sea shells! 

These wreaths look great!  Just a few shells and you are good to go!

Love this one!  It has a lot more greenery than the others and it is a bit more simple.  Shells, greenery and few sprigs of blue from the floral department set the tone for a Coastal Christmas. 
Very classy!

This Christmas tree is very monochromatic.  Whites, grays and silvers create a subtle festive feeling.  Notice the shells stacked at the bottom of the tree as a filler!

This is a great way to add some color to your coastal decor.  Aqua blue, gold and white is a gorgeous combination!  The starfish add just enough to create the "Coastal" effect.

If you are looking for DIY ornaments, simply purchase shells from your local craft store and adorn them with fine glitter. 

This one is a bit more on the fun side!  Lighthouses, sailboats and lanterns are a great way to add a coastal or nautical theme to your Christmas decor! Use bright reds, whites and blue not only on your tree but add pillows and throws to help create more color to your room.

Once again you see the aqua blue infused into the decor.  The garland is 2 simple ropes with some greenery pinned the corners. 

Shells, shells everywhere!  In vases, on the mantle and even attached to your stockings! Fill the bottom part of your vases with sand and layer with shells and sea glass!

This is such a great idea!  Visit your local craft store and pick up some paper mache letters and shells.  Paint your letters with a soft white paint and simply glue your shells to the letters!  SO EASY and looks so good!

This is unique idea!  Add miniature "coastal" items to your mantle!

These are adorable!  The shell lights are from  They have several great decor items to help you add pizazz to your holiday decorating!

This is stunning!  Such a simple way to add coastal beauty to your decor.  You could keep this one all year long!  Just remove the greenery and soft white lights.

I love these gray, red and white coastal themed items! 
The coral designs are vibrant yet classy.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Decor Marathon Tomorrow- (Friday 11-18-11)

Wow!  Busy, busy day today with 1/2 day school, parent teacher conferences and a house full of darling little boys! All great reasons why I just couldn't pull off todays post!  I will return tomorrow for another day of Christmas decorating! 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Red and white Christmas. Day 5 of the Chistmas Decorating Ideas Marathon! "RED AND WHITE"

Today's Christmas Decorating Marathon colors are "Red and White!" This one is pretty easy considering red and white are EVERYWHERE this time of year! You can choose to go elegant with soft whites, feather, crystals and velvety reds or you can choose candy canes, dots and stripes. Either way it will look fantastic!

Here are some great entry ways.  Traditional greenery with berries, poinsettias and bows.
Martha Stewart

How fun is this!  They have added woodland animals such as white owls, foxes and cardinals.  I love the snow tipped garland and red berries on the mantle!

This is darling!  A mixture of Christmas ornaments adorn the the mantle.  Just add a few sprigs of red and white to your evergreens and Voila! 

Raz Christmas
This is so simple and very chic!  Crisp white tree with a sparse arrangement or red Christmas ornaments.  Display red and white dishes and stick to simple wrapping.  It looks like a dishcloth is wrapped around the base of the tree...:)

This tree is filled with all things red, white and SWEET!

All I can say is LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this gorgeous wreath.  You could use this with any color combination!
Stacy Bradford

I love this!  Two evergreen wreaths create a Christmas chandelier of sorts!
Martha Stewart

This is beautiful!  Candy canes, and clear marbles create a fun base for the flower arrangement.

Wrap your candles in red and white ribbon.  Notice the little bells attached to the ribbon.

This is gorgeous!  Simple frosted greenery, red berries and faux candy canes create this beautiful Christmas centerpiece! 
Raz Chistmas

This is as about as simple as it gets!  Just add fresh cranberries to your vase and your simple white candle become very festive!

Love this for the bathroom!
Pottery Barn
Any color combination can be enhanced with the right pillows and throws.  They do not need to have a holiday theme, just choose the proper colors!

Do the same with dishes! Of course, if  you need some decorative vinyl to decorate your dishes, I can help you with that!

This is a fun and unique way to add color to your room.  Dress up everyday items that you have in your room!
Country Living

Think outside the box!  Wreaths don't just belong on doors!

Tomorrow's Christmas Decorating Ideas~ Red and White!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Vintage Christmas~ Christmas Decorating Marathon Part 4

This was fun!  I must say that I have a special place in my heart for everything vintage!  So many wonderful things.  Mix the old with the new.  You can achieve a vintage feel with just a few key items~
Where do I start?  How about the front door~  Take a look at this cute wreath!  It is made up of vintage ornaments, toys and village pieces.  If you want to recreate this wreath but do not have any vintage ornaments, it's easy.  Notice the colors, PASTELS, (with a little bit of red and green!)  That is the key to creating a vintage look.  You can now purchase shatter proof ornaments at most of your local Targets, Wal-marts, etc.  Look for different shapes and sizes.  Paint stripes on them, glitter them and use as many different patterns as you can.  Visit your local antique store and purchase just one toy or staple item to add to the wreath to complete the look.
The tree!  Aluminum is the word but can sometimes be hard to find.  Use a white tree as an alternative.  Once again use pastels with bits of traditional reds and greens.  I love the vintage inspired village that is set up around the base.  Very cute!
Of course, if you can't get a white tree, you can still create a vintage look with a traditional green tree.  Just keep the color pallet of the ornaments in check.


I love the tin at the  bottom of this tree!  It is an elegant tree but the little deer add a bit of whimsy to it!

Here are some examples of vintage ornaments.  A great inspiration point when recreating your own!  If you want to go all the way and use vintage ornaments, check you local antique stores, ebay and ask around!  You never know what might be hiding in your Grandmas attic!  
There are many sites that offer tutorials free printables for vintage inspired ornaments!  This is a great one: Printable Vintage Postcards.  Print out vintage images, postcards and photos. Add ribbon, glitter and tinsel to them to create an authentic look.  Here are just a couple examples~

 Janet Coon Christmas
Dress your windows by hanging your vintage ornaments with ribbon~
I love these Christmas displays!  Add things you have around the house!  The scale is perfect and the tiered platters showcase the ornaments perfectly!  Look at the sleigh...hey, I have that book in my attic!
Look for bristle trees and little village houses.  These are actually quite easy to find.  Check out your local craft stores, Target, Wal-Mart and even Dollar Tree.  The trees can be spray painted and glittered to whatever color you desire!  I have seen reproductions of the little houses at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  Your best chance of gettting one is to visit the store the day they receive deliveries!

How cute is this!  A small chest has been turned into an advent calendar using vintage inspired paper.
These are my favorite!  Vintage reproductions are so fun.  I have mentioned Bethany Lowe Designs before. She has so many cute items.
Another great line is offered by Johanna Parker Design.  Look at these designs~  They are adorable and I can't get enough of them!

Merry treasure hunting!