Monday, April 12, 2010

Harlequin Vanity

I spent last week in Idaho with my family for Spring Break! We were able to visit my entire family and our children were able to meet their 5 new cousins now home from Haiti! YIPEE! We had a nice time. :o)

Now back to work!

I decided to post a project that I did for my daughter. I purchased an antique vanity and refinished it. What do you think? :o)

(Each step is important to ensure a quality finish that will last for years!)
1)Remove all hardware from your furniture.

2)Sand, Prime and paint your base color on the furniture. I used spray paint primer and paint because it creates a smoother finish. The base coat is "Heirloom White".

3)After the paint has dried, (best to wait 24 hrs), tape off and cover the part of the furniture that you do NOT wish to paint. I measured the width of the vanity to help me decide how wide I wanted the diamonds to be. Tape off your first diamond in the center of the furniture so that everything is centered. You can use painters tape and paper to cover the "VOID" were you do not want the second color to be. I actually kind of cheated because I cut vinyl diamonds and placed them in the areas that I wanted covered and then removed them. (I have done it both ways and either way works great.)

4)After I did this, I sprayed the black paint on the vanity. I waited about 10 min. and then removed the vinyl. Do not wait too long to remove the tape because it can peel the black paint up with it. You want it to still be wet and tacky.

5)The next step is to antique the furniture. After all of the paint has dried~ dry brush the entire piece of furniture lightly. (See DRYBRUSH teqnique in archives.)

6)Lastly~seal the furniture with a clear coat of Polyacrylic.

VIOLA! You have a custom piece of furniture that YOU created!

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