Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vintage Postcards and Holder!

VINTAGE~ My favorite!

I found these postcards at the local craft store. They come in a book and there are several to choose from. (You can also print some off of your computer onto cardstock!) I cut them down just a bit. Next I decopauged them. I did one layer on each side. This will give the postcard increased firmness. After each side dried I coated the front of the card a second time and sprinkled clear chunky glitter on the wet decopauge medium. I was careful to stay inside the picture border with the decopauge because I glued ribbon on the border afterwards. You do not want to try to glue ribbon over the glitter as it does not look very good. I chose a simple black ribbon with a looped edge. Next, attach a ribbon for hanging by using brads. I was able to find some really cute spider brads at JoAnne's that are SO CUTE!

Next I made a board to hang and display the postcards on. (The board is 21" x 11".) I primed the board and painted the board a vintage orange color. (Muted orange.) Next, I taped of the inside part of the board with painters tape. This left the border exposed. I painted the edge black and then removed the tape. The tape allows you to have a nice straight edge on your border. I then lightly dry brushed a dark brown over the top to give it an antiqued look. (See older post under painting tecnique to learn how to do this,)

Lastly I placed the cards on the board to see where I wanted them to hang. I marked and measured the ideal area and drilled 4 small holes through the wood. I then attached 4 knobs to the wood just like you would to a drawer!

I attached the wood directly to the wall with one screw. (Because I will be using the backside later!)

I primed both sides of the wood and will be painting the back side a different color for Christmas! YES... the craft store also carries vintage Christmas postcards! YA!


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