Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween Decorating ideas 2013

I had a great time decorating this year.  Earlier I posted some unique ideas on adding different colors to your Halloween décor.  This year I added in some blue pumpkins and dressed up some of last years interior decor.

OUTSIDE- Here is my front porch  and little cemetery.  I threw in some blue painted pumpkins this year.  (Dollar Tree pumpkins that I painted that is!)  I mixed in some glittered black and painted gold and white pumpkins.  I love to add sparkly picks to the stem part of some of my pumpkins so I randomly placed a few of them in the design.  The black birdcage is filled with a gold and black pumpkin and there is a large spider and crow making themselves at home.

I also added some purple and green foliage and a couple purple pansies.  Added the wreath....(tutorial in previous post), and VIOLA! Anytime you add some natural elements to you holiday décor, it freshens it up an adds a certain amount of beauty that cannot be duplicated with faux plants. Grab inexpensive plants and intermix them and you will be amazed at the difference!   Oh~  I did add my staple cemetery and witch as well!  Still have a few things to do....

Create an instant cemetery in your flower garden!  It's the perfect place to put those creepy headstones and ghoulish figures!

This was a new addition this year.  I love the way it turned out!  I grabbed the ideas several years ago off of the internet.


I put these skeletons together last year.  I just adhered the skeleton heads to some old candle sticks that I picked up at an estate sale.  This year I added burlap collars to them by gathering some burlap and gluing it on the top of the candlesticks.  I also added some vintage looking cone hats.  I used some cute scrapbook paper to create the cone and added a strip of packaging paper to the rim.  I folded the packaging paper in an accordion style to create some texture and then added an orange sparkly spider to the front!

My porcelain skeleton got to dress up this year too!
As for the cloche over the witch image...I couldn't find it this year!  So I used a vintage mason jar instead.  I just turned it upside down and put the print inside the jar.

Here's my semi-homemade chandelier again.  See here for how I upscaled this little beauty!

 This was my project today.  I just cut out some vintage sillhouetts with vinyl and put them on the battery operated candles. I LOVE them!

More tomorrow!

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