Friday, May 31, 2013

What do I do at 3am?

My dear sweet and might I say very handsome husband has begun to snore. Yay me! So at about 3am I am awakened by the sounds of a very tired, fast asleep husband who clearly cannot hear himself. So, what's a girl to do? As I roll over I find my phone lying there calling out my name. I know! Bad idea! But....I give in. Pinterest has missed me lately. To my surprise one of the companies I am following has posted their daily finds. What's the problem you ask? Well I could tell you but as Pinterest has proven, a picture speaks a thousand words!

So as I am pinning these {and probably 30 different recipes, wait I'm sure it may have even been more}, I begin realizing that when my followers awaken from their deep, uninterrupted sleeps, they will find that their Pinterest "following" board has been over taken by CHOCOLATE, LEMON , and PEANUT BUTTER! Yikes!! excuse? After all, I do have a graduation party to plan for my daughter...:)

Follow me! Maybe I will create a "support" board for insomniacs with a sweet tooth!

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