Thursday, May 30, 2013

The new layout is nearly done!

Wheww!   I don't pretend to be a computer whiz by any means but I can do a few things here and there. This is why I am just now revealing the new site layout.  YAY!  I am almost done.  Just a few more things to do.  I will be adding and rearranging a few things here and there but hopefully it is fully functioning now. :) Let me know what you think and if you see any bugs!



  1. It is very classy and very cool. I love! (Hello four months later Keri.)

  2. You are promoting this business on your car yet cutting people off in Safeway. Next time you go to the self checkout and see 2 people standing in line before you please do the right thing and wait your turn. Don't create your own line and cut us off.
    All of our time is valuable, not just yours.

  3. Dear Anonymous- I certainly did NOT mean to cut in front of you at Safeway. I was completely unaware of this incident and would have never intentionally done such a thing. I also do not think that my time is ANY more valuable than any other person's time. May I suggest that next time something like this happens you politely inform the person that there is a line? I do not know anyone who would ever do this intentionally including myself. You may want to choose to be a bit more of an optimist and view life in a more positive manner. If you did- things like this wouldn't create such unnecessary negativity in your life.

    BTW...I find it extremely disturbing that this upset you so much that you followed me out to my car, noted my information and went home and searched for my site just so you could leave a comment like this.