Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Wreath~ Inexpensive Beauty!

This is a great project to do with your kids! This wreath was made for $10! You can find all of the supplies at your local Dollar Tree.

You will need:
6 bunches of artificial roses...(3 colors, 2 bunches each)
1 bunch of artificial baby's breath
1 poster board or large paper
1 foam board
Glue gun, exacto knife, scissors

*When choosing your flowers, look for ones that have more of a natural look.

-First you will take all of the flowers off of the stems.
-Next glue 3 flowers together to make one large bloom.

-Your next step is to cut out your template for the wreath's "Frame". You will do this by taking your poster board or large paper and folding it in half. This will ensure a perfect heart. Cut it about 13" W and 14" H. (Measurements at the widest and tallest points of the heart.) The measurements do NOT have to be exact but this is a good size for the amount of flowers you have.

After you have cut out your heart, cut another heart out of the inside so that you have an open heart. Leave about 2.5" for width.
You will use this as your template for the frame. Place the template on the foam board, trace it and then cut out the image with your exacto knife.

Now you have your frame!
To be sure that no white was showing, I decided to wrap mine with some ribbon that I had around the house. This is not necessary but it will give it a more finished look.
-Now it is time to glue your flowers on the frame. Layout the flowers on the frame BEFORE you glue them. This will ensure that you have them placed evenly. Play with them to decide what order you want them in and where you want to place them.
TIP- When gluing on the flowers, start at the top-center and work your way down, alternating sides. This will help keep everything asymmetrical.
After gluing on the roses, add your baby's breath in a random pattern. Look for places that may need to have a bit of filler.
-Lastly, glue a loop of ribbon on the back so that you can hang your wreath!
Voila! You have a beautiful Valentine's wreath for only $10!

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