Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Decor Classes are Back!

Here are a couple fun crafts for St. Patrick's Day-

The vintage St. Patrick's Day plaque is so cute and really easy!  It has some pretty glitter on the dress and lettering but the picture didn't pick it up. All you need to make these is some chip board or mdf for your base, your favorite vintage Easter card enlarged and printed on parchment paper, ribbon, glitter and decoupage! I actually purchased the backing board at the Dollar store. It was a mdf board with an image applied to it. I painted over the front image so that I had blank pallet to begin with. Super inexpensive and easy!

Find your favorite vintage card by searching on the internet for "Vintage St. Patrick's Day Cards" or you can visit Hub Pages. Simply enlarge your image to fit your board and print. Apply the image with Modge Podge or spray adhesive. I recommend spraying both the paper and the board if using spray adhesive. It will adhere much better! Before applying your embellishments seal the image with Modge Podge by applying a coat with a foam brush.

Next apply your ribbon as a border. Lastly, apply a small about of modge podge to parts of the image you would like to add some sparkle to and sprinkle with clear glitter.  That's it! Easy and so darling!

If you are interested in any of the vinyl designs, please email me @

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