Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bring some calm to your life!

It's a new year and I am looking forward to some new projects! For now I thought I would post a couple ideas to help you start off the year with your best foot forward with a bit or organizing! It can be very overwhelming and daunting but if you keep it simple it feels much more doable. Begin by making a list of 5 things you would like to organize and start small. This means choose something like a single closet, cupboard, desk, etc. Make a goal to conquer the item one each week. If you can do more then go for it but do not overwhelm yourself! Set aside 15 minutes each day to work on the project. Don't empty the entire closet out at once. Choose one shelf, your shoes or a single drawer and spend your 15 minutes organizing it. If you stick to this VERY simple plan you will find that you can accomplish these goals with little effort and time.

If you are more aggressive and would like to knock out a lot at once, make a plan. Do ONE room at a time. Once you decide which room to focus on, work on one area at a time. Have several bins handy to help you organize items that need to be placed somewhere else. Have a "donate" and "trash" bin as well. Don't hang onto things that you "might" use someday. Its clutter in your life that you don't need. You will find a sense of freedom when you can purge unnecessary items that are taking up useful space!

A great way to help keep your home organized is to find a place in your home that can be a home base for a bin or basket for each person. Use these baskets to place items that are sitting around the house and need to be put away. If you keep up on the pick up portion of your home it will avoid an unnecessary buildup of messes and clutter. Have each person empty and put away the items in their basket each night. is a great place to find organizing trays, boxes etc. to help you get your closets and drawers organized. You can also stop by your local Target or WalMart stores for similar items. Be sure to take your drawer or shelf measurements with you including the depth!

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