Thursday, September 17, 2009

Spooky Skull Vignette

This one is fun and SO easy! I must admit that I have become a fan of the Dollar Tree. It is hit and miss with them but sometimes they have really cute items! On my last visit I found these darling glittered skulls. They had black, silver and white. I bought several...(just in case.) I also purchased some dyed gauze from the Dollar Tree. I happen to have this large glass vase at home and I arranged the 3 skulls inside of the vase. As I layered the skulls, I added the gauze little by little in between each skull to add a bit more interest to the design. I draped the remaining gauze over the vase and let it puddle at the base.

A fun trend for Halloween this year is to use monochromatic or very muted tones.
When designing a vignette like this, be sure you stick with no more than 3 colors. It helps the overall design be more appealing to the eye. Layering your height is also a great idea!

If you do not have a Dollar Tree in your area, go to the local craft store. Most craft stores are carrying simple craft skulls right now. All you need to do is purchase some very fine glitter, (Martha Sterwart has great colors), and glue and glitter the skulls yourself!

Have fun with this one and send me your comments and pictures!

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