Friday, June 26, 2009

Beautiful Family Monograms

OK, here we go! Today's project is a beautiful family monogram.

There are many ways to display a family monogram. You can purchase a nice frame and simply adhere your monogram to the glass. Many stores carry simple glass frames with no backing. If you prefer a backing, you can dress it up by inserting scrapbook paper or fabric behind the glass. Simply adhere the vinyl to the glass and it is as easy as that! Display the monogram indoors or just outside your door to create a personal touch for all who enter!

If you are unable to find framed glass, simply make your own. Remove the backing of any frame, leaving the glass in place. Next, caulk around the edge of the glass, adhering it directly to the frame. (It is best to use clear caulk.) Wait for the caulk to dry and presto! You have made yourself an open glass frame.

Other great ways to use a monogram is as wall art in a bedroom and to personalize household items such as canisters, platters, glass doors and more!

If you are interested in a monogram, you can order one that is already designed, or you can design your own. It is easy, simply pick a font that you would like and let us know the size! I will make a simple frame for it to finish it off.

You can find these monograms and other great designs on my website or (Same site, 2 ways to get there!)

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