Friday, October 4, 2013

$10 or less Vinyl decal Friday!

The $10 and less sale is now OPEN! You can send me a message or comment below with your email to order.  I will send you an invoice for payment!

Here are the 2 items up for sale today. The darling "Halloween Mice" and the "Bats in Flight". You will get 8 adorable mice, 2 witch hats and a mouse hole TODAY for only $5.00! The bats come on one sheet and in multiple sizes. You can arrange them however you would like! You get 20 bats for only $10 today! If you purchase both, shipping can be combined. Sale ends Sunday 10/6/13 at midnight. Happy Shopping!



  1. Do you have any rats & bats left for me to buy now? -so hilarious on the stairs, I'll put them in my Halloween bin for next year if you still have a bunch left?