Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ugly Duckling



I was shopping in Marshalls one day and came across these hideous ceramic eggs! But wait! As my mind always does, I looked at them and saw more than just an ugly duckling...(Ya, I know, pretty corny!) I saw potential! :0) I bought them on clearance and brought them home. I simply primed them and then painted them. I taped off the pedestal and painted the eggs. After the eggs dried, I taped around the base of the eggs and painted the pedestals.
Next, I rubbed some burnt umber paint on the eggs and pedestals to antique them. To finish them off I glittered around the center of the eggs to give it a littel bit of glitz!

Super easy, cheap and festive!


  1. They turned out really nice - who'd have guessed!! Glad it was a good purchase and you didn't set them down 1/2 way to the register :)

  2. BTW.....nice greenery in the background :)

  3. I love your ugly duckling eggs! And the color of the ones pictured first can be used for decoration year round, depending on your theme,of course :) Have a great week-end!

  4. Love the Eggs Kell!!!
    Come decorate my house for Easter!!!!

  5. Kelly, I love these eggs. I admire people that are able to see beauty in the ugly!! That is a gift whether you realize it or not. I love them!!

  6. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments! It is so fun to hear from each of you. Keep 'em coming! :o)