Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pumpkin Topiary

Here is a cute pumpkin topiary. It can be used all season long! Use it for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Materials Needed
-3 small artificial pumpkins (Ones that can be carved)
-1 small strand white holiday lights (50 bulbs or less)
-1 pot or pedestal
-Small screw in hook
-Glue Gun
-Exacto Knife

First decide what designs you would like to carve in your pumpkins. If you want a more classic look, choose simple shapes. You can carve leafs for a Fall look or something spooky such as a cat or skull for a Halloween look. Begin by cutting the top and bottom off of TWO of the pumpkins and the bottom out of the third one. Use an exacto knife. Keep the holes SMALL. Remember you are stacking these and you do not want the holes to be seen once they are stacked. A good rule of thumb is to keep the holes about the size of a small yogurt lid.

You should now have-
-1 pumpkin with the bottom cut out (This is your top pumpkin)
-2 pumpkins with the top and bottom cut out (This is the middle and bottom pumpkins)

Next, with a pencil, draw your design on each pumpkin and then carve it out with the exacto knife.

After you are finished carving, screw a small hook into the top inside part of the pumpkin that has only the bottom cut out. (This is the top pumpkin.) It is easiest to do this with needle nose pliers. Next hook the end of the lights on the hook. Feed the rest of the strand down thru each pumpkin. You will want to bunch a section of lights in each pumpkin. Bring the plug end of the strand out the bottom of the last pumpkin making sure to leave the last light inside of the pumpkin.

It is now time to glue everything together. Using a hot glue gun, apply the bottom pumpkin to your base, (pot, pedestal etc.) Continue stacking and gluing the pumpkins on top of each other until they are all glued together. Be sure the lights don't poke out in between each pumpkin layer.

Lastly glue your moss in between each layer including the base and bottom pumpkin.

Voila! You now have a beautiful pumpkin topiary! Make another one and have a pair!

The topiaries look great on a mantle or grouped with other fall accessories on a cabinet or counter.

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