Sunday, August 2, 2009

Great way to give your windows a semi-private feeling!

How many of you have a window where you just "know" people are watching you? HAHA! I know I do! I have 2 small windows in my bathroom and I am constantly concerned that someone can see in. I didn't want to cover them with a window treatment and I didn't want to frost them completely because I love the view of my garden from my windows. I came up with a way to give the windows a semi-private treatment and give it some distinct style at the same time! I measured my windows and them cut a beautiful pattern to adhere to the window. It is just like the grids you see in window but the design is much prettier and creates more privacy. I love the way it turned out! You can also use an etched glass vinyl to get the etched glass effect.

The pattern for the window is not listed on my website but any pattern can be cut to create this effect. If you are interested shoot me a mail and I can easily come up with something for you!

Have a great Sunday and remember, comments are always welcome! :)

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